June 22, 2024
5 important tips to design your dining room

Choosing the right décor to make your dining room look new and unique can be quite a task. The dining room in a house has a specific purpose. Therefore, while decorating it, there needs to be a right balance between function and looks. You will have to ensure and check that the table and other items of furniture will suffice the number of people in the house. You may also have to account for the frequency and number of guests that visit your place. At the same time, it will also be important to wow the people who visit you – this can be done by getting the ambiance spot on and creating a pleasant vibe.

Here are 5 things that you can take into account as you decorate and revamp your dining room:

  1. The right table–The size and proportions of the room would dictate the type and size of the table that you will need to install. The right table will also be measured by the number of people in the house. For a nuclear/smaller family, a 4-chair dining table should do the job. Getting a larger dining table would consume more space and make the room look smaller, especially if not needed.
  2. Lighting–Plan your lighting early in the process of decoration as it is one of the most vital elements that can set the tone for the whole room. There needs to be enough light in the room so that you can eat your food and entertain your guests. However, the lights can be warm and glow-y instead of pricking for a softer vibe. You can avoid strong downlights due to the shadow that they create and will spotlight on a single space.
  3. Color scheme–The creative decisions are the most fun to make. Think about what you prefer – a darker tone or something light and bright. You can also decide this based on how often (and at what time) the dining room is most used. Going neutral and sticking with the classics is always an option, but if you are choosing to be bold and do something new, you can select a unique color scheme to match the other sections of the house
  4. Perfect Furniture–Do you need a 6-chair dining table or will a bar table and high chair suffice? Would you like an expandable table to have some flexibility in the room? These are some questions you would like answers to before you make your purchase. Think of comfort and ensure that you are considering your requirements instead of making a hasty buy. If you are a family that hosts multiple dinner parties, a longer table will be a must with comfortable chairs. Add other elements of furniture like cabinets, crockery, paintings, etc for a lively vibe.
  5. Layout– Once you buy everything you need, setting it up efficiently will be the next task. A table in the middle with chairs around it may leave you with fewer creative options. For a cozier look, you can push the table to a corner of the room and add another setting area. Larger dining rooms can have a table at the center with chairs, bookshelves, recliners, glassware, etc in the room as well.

Feel free to be creative with the items of furniture and how you choose to place them in the room as you design your dining room.

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