April 14, 2024
Four Reasons a Nursing Student can be Dismissed from Nursing School

Becoming a nurse can be rewarding and fulfilling; however, not everyone can be a nurse. If you suffer from a chronic medical condition or a disability and have a busy work schedule, it can be difficult to manage your schedule on top of nursing school. And even if can enroll in nursing school, there’s still a chance you could drop out of it. 

Remember that being dismissed from a nursing school does not mean you cannot become a nurse ever. You can always appeal the dismissal with the assistance of a nursing student lawyer. Your lawyer will determine what grounds you can use for your appeal. To avoid dismissal in the first place, it’s worth knowing the common reasons a nursing student can be dismissed. These include the following:

Poor Academic Performance

Apart from keeping up with classes, you also have to excel in school. Otherwise, you can be dismissed from school for poor academic performance. Before this happens, you should check the school’s policies for grades and GPAs that must be maintained.  And you can challenge the performance-related dismissal through grounds such as factual errors. But you must prove something is wrong with your grades, for instance, to successfully appeal the dismissal.

Academic or Professional Misconduct

Examples of academic misconduct that can result in dismissal from nursing school include plagiarism, cheating, falsification of documents, unauthorized collaboration, damage to intellectual property, and others. This misconduct can have long-term effects on your career because it can impact your credibility and trustworthiness. Also, it can be hard to get accepted into another university or grad school and even get a job following graduation because of your tarnished record. 

Sexual Misconduct

This can include sexually harassing another student or a school staff member and getting involved in an appropriate or illicit relationship with another student. Also, this includes sexual harassment such as insulting sexual remarks, unwanted touching, and sexual jokes. If you are accused of sexual misconduct on campus, you will be a subject of a Title IX investigation. Violating Title IX can have far-reaching consequences apart from dismissal from nursing school. You can be labeled a sex offender in society. 

Financial Aid Errors

Not paying your nursing school tuition can force the school to dismiss you. Unfortunately, a lot of nursing students go through this ordeal despite working through the school year. Check with your attorney if you can challenge this dismissal. 

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