June 12, 2024
Steve Harvey

On Sunday’ episode of Celebrity Family Feud, Steve Harvey doc received a lesson in colloquialisms from New Sjaelland actor Rhys Darby.

within the episode that originally ventilated Aug. seven on ABC, the host was visibly bowled over by Darby’ response to 1 of the sport show’ prompts.

“‘Passed away’ could be a nice means of claiming somebody died, name a not-so-nice way,” Harvey asked.

Jumping to begin the round, contestant Jay Pharoah directly hit the buzzer as he spurted out an accurate answer, “croaked,” and landed his team on the board.

sadly for Pharoah, when 3 incorrect answers from teammates, the spherical was purloined by the opposition.

And that’ when things got interesting.

doc recurrent the question to Darby, who took a flash to assume it over before before problematical the host with a really sincere response.

“I’d wish to say, ‘carked it’,” the actor smirked.

The studio’ audience roared in wave of laughter whereas Harvey stood on stage–too shocked to speak.

In an attempt to defend the answer, Darby delineate what he meant by the statement.

“You know, as in, ‘What happened to it guy?’ Oh, he’ carked it,” Darby explained. “‘Cause it’ short for ‘carcass’.”

Harvey, still confounded, approached Darby’ team because the contestants took turns announcing the slang term.

“What the hell’ going on?” aforementioned a really nonplussed show host to Darby’ teammate, Samba.

“I would like subtitles for these guys sometimes, too” Samba joked.

“‘Carked it,’ he’ attempting to say. Like become a carcass, he’ become a carcass.”

Harvey, who still looked rather rattled, rejected the other provide of rationalization and before turning to the board, sighed: “This game’ aiming to hell right here.”

The term, that primarily is employed as slang in Australia and New Zealand, wasn’t on the board.

But, spoiler alert, the What we tend to neutralize The Shadows and A Series of Unfortunate Events actor and his team went on to redeem themselves by winning the sport and $25,000 for Algalita Marine analysis and Education!

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